Programme Overview

The Academia of Excellence is working towards the strengthening of the United Arab Emirates’ value proposition as a global business partner, with a specific focus on exceeding customer expectations.

The AOE believes success is not only measured in monetary value, but also in the level of engagement of its citizens. Success must include a measure of clarity and definition of the Emirati spirit in society, to be experienced by all.

Creating a World-class Customer Experience Culture

In a competitive environment, organizations are always trying to find an edge. This program explores the fundamentals of customer experience (CX) and takes participants on the journey of building systematic elements in their organizations to build customer loyalty, retention and revenue. Through interactive exercises, participants validate key CX principles and build frameworks that apply to their business needs.

Building and Leading Customer-Centric Organizations

This programme uses best practice research, case studies, reflection, discussion and practical exercises to explore the critical components required for customer-centricity and the strategic development process that supports its effective implementation. The Customer-Centric Organizational Blueprint ® provides the foundation for this exploration.

Xtreme Customer Loyalty™

This workshop addresses the new requirements of the experiences economy, social media, the emergence of the tribal characteristics of customer groups, the source of emotional bindings with brands and the manner in which brands are accepted by certain groups as part of their value structures. Also covered are strategic customersegmentations, loyalty mechanisms, corporate alignments and metrics as a basis to the systematic creation of fanatic brand loyalty.

VLeadership Training for Middle and Upper Management

Management is something that is learned by doing. This workshop identifies the 7 RULES OF GREAT MANAGEMENT and puts them in context of real life situations. The goal of the workshop is to provide a mechanism by which managers can use the day-to-day situations as fuel to sharpen their skills. Attendees will find they use the principles learned for the rest of their careers.

Corporate Culture by DesignTM

This workshop takes the mystery out of managing cultures. A step-by-step approach covers the 5 layers of culture and provides mechanisms for meeting the required goals of each layer. The workshop uses case studies and the hands on exercises to simulate the challenges presented by culture management initiatives. Understanding how cultures work and what drives them, is key to managing them successfully.

Increased Customer Demand through Brand Differentiation

This workshop is specifically tailored to Chief Customer Officers and/or upper management in charge of customer relations. The topics covered include Chief Customer Officer responsibilities, strategic roadmaps, drivers, and metrics, as well as culture management and Return on Investment methodologies. The workshop delivers a holistic approach to maximizing the benefits inherent in our customer relationships. This program is certified and endorsed by the Chief Customer Officer Council.

Increasing Revenues through Customer Loyalty

This workshop explores the emerging paradigm of the experience economy and the required changes in approach to our markets and our customers. We study the mechanisms responsible for loyalty and their effective applications in business. The methods for the quantification of financial and non-financial return on investment are covered in order to facilitate upper management support for customer loyalty efforts. Also covered are best practices in metrics and goal setting

10 Steps to a Self-Sustaining Cultures in less than a year.

This practical approach emphasizes the interaction between cultural components and known organizational dynamics to create the desired results in months instead of years. The relationships between purpose, people and environment are discussed in depth, as a backdrop for proper alignment of corporate purpose, goals and tactics. Also studied, are the common misconceptions that cause difficulties in the management of cultures.

Increased Customer Demand through Brand Differentiation

This workshop focuses on the requirements to creating demand brands in an experience Economy. Through an understanding of the shifting values in the experience paradigm, management is able to create the necessary internal alignments that allow customers to build emotional bonds with their brands.