Our Approach

Built on real world experience.

Teaching is vital, but practice and real world implementation is what really matters and actually proves that a difference has been made. We won’t leave the student at the end of their training period; we know that the completion of formal training alone doesn’t equip people for a sustainable future.

Our design principles ensure a long-term relationship with the Academy as a community both in physical and technological terms. This means that we devise development roadmaps for students, foster an environment that supports our alumni, provide access to a social media platform and generally promote an attitude that aims to encourage a mentality of giving. Through this we aim to create a global step change in the reputation and status of human-centred leaders and employees the world over.


The Academy of excellence portfolio is divided into two main categories:

  1. Education through a mix of informal workshops and formal academic training.
  2. Individually designed programmes of work based on specific aspects of human centricity and where we provide access to our expertise directly or indirectly via ‘on the ground’ partnerships.

Contained within our values is a strong commitment to giving something back to society and humanity. We will find ways to contribute to selected causes, wherever possible partnering with business and government to add value by creating opportunity that would not otherwise be available.

The outcome of trading value between humans is a relationship of some sort. We all know that with better, more valuable relationships we can create more opportunity to grow, learn, add value and build an infinite array of possibilities.

If you think differently about the concept of a "transaction", there is far more involved if we are to achieve a suitable quality of experience for everyone and also respond to the desire for improved business performance.

That is at the heart of what this Academy has been designed to teach, promote and support. Imagine a whole new currency

A constant work In progress
Like everything in the modern world we are not a fixed or finished entity. If we were we would be failing one of our first principles. We need to be relevant at all times and to do that requires us to stay current. Our courses and our services will change to reflect the dynamics and needs of the market and to continually leverage the leading-edge thinking that we are built on.

We welcome comment, challenge and contribution
Our vision and mission is what we believe in, but our strategy and approach is constantly aware of the world we operate in. Only by thinking this way and bringing (and working closely with) the best thinkers and practitioners from around the world can we achieve our dream of making human interaction the new currency of value.

This elevated standard of thinking drives right through everything the Academy does.

Every course, every lecturer, every partner, every member and every programme we deliver is designed to change how people view the world of human interaction. It shapes how behaviours and policies must shift and critically provokes how everyone must think with regard to forming more human-centred attitudes, capability and solutions within and without the enterprise.

Values are often ignored.

How many times have you heard a leader or manager preach a value but not actually live it themselves? It’s easy to state a value against which to live and work but not so easy to actually follow it through. We’ve all heard people speak about openness, transparency, honesty and respect and then witnessed them behave in a completely contradictory manner.

At the Academy our vision takes values to a whole new level.

We have created a set of values that not only will we as a core team live by, but one that we will validate every partner, course, service and result by. Only by adopting such a credo will we be properly representing the human-centred enterprise.